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IGNIS – Income Generation and Climate Protection by Valorizing Municipal Solid Waste in Future Megacities (project website)

The majority of the world's fast-growing cities such as Addis Ababa are located in developing countries. Through the population dynamic it will become more and more important to treat the waste in a qualified, economically sound, and sustainable way and to make it useable as a source of income. The costs of rapid growth and urbanization, unemployment and poverty are a phenomenal challenge for these cities.

The IGNIS project deals with income generation from valorising waste due to improved waste treatment. So, the project can directly contribute to poverty reduction, improved sanitation and effective mitigation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As in many future megacities also in Addis Ababa the data basis required for improved waste treatment is not at all reliable and coherent; therefore, data collection has high priority. The scientific basis of IGNIS is mostly small-scale experimental pilot projects such as composting, recycling, improved collection, waste to energy, erosion prevention, Terra Preta, etc..

These pilot projects will be installed and operated e.g. by entrepreneurs, youth or women groups. They will be scientifically analysed with view on technical, environmental, emission related, socio-economic and occupational safety and health aspects. The results will be transformed into models that will be incorporated in a simulation program to calculate different scenarios including CDM aspects.

IGNIS will provide an instrument to identify and assess the effects when introducing sound waste management and treatment steps. From experiences of the pilot projects, technical systems will be developed that are affordable, robust and practicable. IGNIS can provide ideas, know-how, training and help to self-help for implementing technical and also management solutions.