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Income Generation for Street Kids und former Prostitutes by means of Collecting and Composting Organic Market Wastes – Youthcompost

The objective of this project was the construction of a small composting facility, a composting training and education for socially deprived people in Addis Ababa. A further effect of the project was the positive signal for the environment. Organic wastes which are recycled and utilized must not being disposed at the unplanned and overfilled dumpsite of the city causing mostly the leachate and landfill gas pollution of the surrounding area.

For Addis Ababa this project had a model character. So far there was no composting project with the clear objective of income generation and economically feasible operation of such a facility. It was also objective to provide this project as a model for other groups.

Planning and implementation of the project as well as the overall project responsibility was with AT-Verband, support and project implementation on-site happened by ENDA a local NGO.