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Technologies are a key factor for socially and environmentally sound development in the One World. The German AT-Association (AT-Verband) is committed to this objective. It aims to qualify its members and society at large for rational and sustainable technology practice, and to cooperate with public and commercial institutions for that end. AT-Verband members work in the North, East and in the South; their main subjects and experiences include the following fields of work:

  • Waste technologies & waste management,
  • Implementation of strategies & measures, 
  • Appropriate energy systems (renewable energies), 
  • Water supply & wastewater treatment, 
  • Education & training,
  • Resource conservation & agriculture, 
  • Environmental protection, 
  • Micro industries & vocational training 
  • Refugee work.

AT-Verband members are frequently contracted as consultants by a broad range of German and international organisations. Their tasks range from short-term planning and evaluation missions, through research, capacity building and periodic backstopping, to full-fledged implementation of development and other cooperation programs. To work together on specific subjects or projects, members have the opportunity to organise interdisciplinary teams under the umbrella of the Association.

As an organisation that represents the professional interests of its members, the Association facilitates contacts between consultants and clients and acts as a clearing house for research and development information in the field of AT. Through exchange and training, the Association offers its members opportunities to stay aware of actual developments and keep their knowledge up to date. Various members represent the Association in supra-organisational networks and discussion fora.

Liaison work and professional exchange with various agencies provide opportunities to expand and intensify contacts with clients and partners. Networking among specialists of various disciplines enhances interdisciplinary team work capacities and the possibility of forming teams for complex tasks. AT-Verband participates in worldwide exchange with organizations operating in the field of AT, environment, development cooperation and research.