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The modulaare project – integrated modules for high efficient wastewater purification, waste treatment and regenerative energy recovery in tourism resorts

Germany, as one of the large travel nations, is especially responsible for a sustainable and environmentally adapted tourism. Therefore, one target of this research project is – among others - to verify the operation of an innovative, decentralised and modular system for waste water purification, waste treatment and production of energy from biogas in a large Tourists Resort located in Turkey.

This modular system combines a membrane system for the purification of wastewater with a fermentation/biogas system for the recovery of relevant quantities of organic wastes. The advantages of both treatment procedures strengthen themselves and remove disadvantages of the respective procedures, so that the two systems can be operated with a high efficiency regarding economic and environmental aspects. In the context of this research and demonstration project, a low loaded membrane facility has been installed in a representative Tourism Resort (approx. 900 beds). Efficiency and possible applications for the purified wastewater are determined and examined. Remaining excess sludge is given directly into the biogas facility where a co-fermentation with organic solid waste (from kitchen, restaurant and garden) is realized. The analysis program of the fermentation module covers both the technical adjustment to the input material and the optimisation and simplification of the handling. This modular, decentralised system is especially suitable for the application in sensitive areas, e.g. tourism regions, coral reefs, islands, coasts, nature parks etc..

With the demonstration project Modulaare, an examination is currently carried out whether this modular concept can be operated from an economical operational point of view. Therefore the tests in the practical use and the integration into the processes within the tourists resort are of special interest. The innovative character of the Modulaare concept can be found within the following topics: Combination of waste recycling + wastewater treatment + energy concept; modular units can be adapted to extensions of the hotel; decentralised use is possible (bays, small villages without regular wastewater treatment and waste disposal); development of a sustainable, recycling management resulting in an nearly waste- and wastewater-free tourists resort, by modifying the solid content and switching on/off individual membrane modules the membrane module can be adapted very easily to seasonal fluctuations (guest numbers); advanced development to self-sufficient systems (e.g. by including other regenerative energy sources); membrane and sanitation stage (fermentation) enable short cycles (no germs, exciter, etc.); Altogether, the membrane system will not demand high attention during operation because the settling of the activated sludge does not play a role; difficulties with wastewater from fermentation facilities are solved by means of the membrane facility; excess sludge problems are solved by fermentation system. Modulaare promotes substantially the sustainable management of the hotel system and the environment. The largest advantage is the use of the benefits (high-efficient cleaning, recycling of waste, regenerative energy) of both systems.